ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a condition with symptoms such as inattentiveness, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. The symptoms differ from person to person. ADHD was formerly called ADD, or attention deficit disorder. Both children and adults can have ADHD, but the symptoms always begin in childhood. Adults with ADHD may have trouble managing time, being organized, setting goals, and holding down a job.

Symptoms of ADHD – Behaviors to Look For and How to Treat Your Child Effectively

If you think your child shows the symptoms of ADHD, read this article to find out about your options. In it, you will learn what the symptoms are, more about testing and methods of treatment. The first thing you need to know before looking at the symptoms is that even kids who do not have ADHD will exhibit the symptoms from time to time. Heck, even adults occasionally show some of these symptoms. In other words, don’t let the list [...]

Don’t Get Too Real With Your Kids

The ultimate reason why parents worry a lot about their children is the fact that parents only want what is best for their kids. One of the many things that parents worry about is the issue of learning – learning in the sense that they feel that their kids should be hitting age-appropriate target behaviors. Most parents worry that their children are not following the “requirements” of being a child. Isn’t a child supposed to be toilet trained by the [...]

What Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) affects children and teens and can continue into adulthood. ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed mental disorder of children. Children with ADHD may be hyperactive and unable control their impulses. Or they may have trouble paying attention. These behaviors interfere with school and home life.It’s more common in boys than in girls. It’s usually discovered during the early school years, when a child begins to have problems paying attention.Adults with ADHD may have trouble managing [...]