Heart Disease Diet Plan – Most People Know Fish Oil Is Good for the Heart

Study after study has shown that a diet high in cold water fish like salmon and herring is good for the cardiovascular system. Rather than being full of saturated fats, cold-water fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids that have a dramatic effect on the heart and circulatory system. Cutting the risk for heart attacks and strokes may be as simple as adding fish or fish oil supplements to the diet. Along with these benefits come many more. Omega-3 oils reduce the likelihood of heart attacks by several actions.

A recent study shows that the risk for a heart attack is lowered by a full 65% when people have a high fish intake. Omega-3 fatty acids thin the blood, making it flow more easily and lessening the risk of dangerous clots. They also are anti-inflammatory, reducing the risk for artery damage and resulting atherosclerosis. Another benefit is the regulatory action they have on the heart itself. They are believed to stabilize electric currents that control the heart beat, decreasing the likelihood of arrhythmia and episodes of rapid heart rate.

Not only do omega-3s protect the heart, they provide many more health benefits as well. The anti-inflammatory properties of fish oil are believed to have a protective action that decreases cancer risk. Two recent studies have shown that women between the ages of 50 and 76 shows a 32% decrease in the rate of breast cancer in the group that took fish oil supplements. This study followed the dietary habits of these women for six years. Another showed that those who either ate cold-water fish or took fish oil supplements had half the rate of colon cancer as the group who didn’t.

Another benefit is to the skin. Both acne and psoriasis improve with the addition of omega-3 rich fish oil supplements. Dry skin becomes softer and smoother with increased omega-3 in the diet. A recent study published in the Journal of the American medical Association studied heart patients and found that those with the highest levels of fish oil intake also had a lower marker for cell aging. This study found that telomeres, associated with the chromosomes, showed less shortening in those with the high omega-3 levels. Shortened and damaged telomeres are believed to lead to premature aging of the cell and possibly cancerous growth.

Slowing the aging of cells, fish oils can prevent many degenerative diseases that are blamed on early cell death and damage. Adding cold-water fish to the diet or taking fish oil supplements can help prevent damage and disease in the cardiovascular system, helping to prevent heart attacks and strokes. The great thing about natural foods and supplements when compared to many pharmaceuticals, is their multiple beneficial actions on many parts of the body. Any illness causes strain on the heart and cardiovascular system, so fish oil and all its health benefits result in a healthier heart and a healthier you.


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